Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering


Smart man-engineered environment is no longer the realm of science fiction. We are surrounded by intelligent machines that follow our algorithms and improve the quality of our life. We predict highly complex natural phenomena, such as climate, with mathematical models of ever-increasing accuracy. We use our understanding, translated in the form of mathematical computations, to design novel materials and to optimize important processes that help us resolve big issues such as availability of clean water and energy. Computer, Electrical, and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering are cornerstones of modern life, they help us ensure the continuity and sufficiency of the supply of water, food, energy in a sustainable environment; they drive our industrial production lines, they give us new materials for upcoming technologies and better healthcare. This is what CEMSE is for.


As CEMSE, we are missionaries for Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering in the new House of Wisdom called KAUST. It is our mission to drive frontier science and train the next generation of scientists as heirs of wisdom and carriers of future progress. Join us for an exciting scientist career at CEMSE, let us together build a smarter future!


The  Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division is responsible for the organization and coordination of four degree-granting programs:


The Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division is affiliated with three of the current nine KAUST Research Centers, this gives students a unique opportunity to participate in, and carry out interdisciplinary research.

The three Reseach Centers affiliated with the Division are: