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October 2017

Oct, 2017

CEMSE Dean's Distinguished Lecture| Illuminating the World: Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of III-V Compound Semiconductor Devicesdelete
CS Seminar | Stress: Nullius in Verbadelete
CBRC Seminar I Inference on the Distribution of Germline Mutationsdelete
CS Seminar | Scaling Computational Social Science: Enabling Collective Learning and Discoverydelete
(Statistics Seminar) Extending the Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation with Markov Chain Monte Carlo.delete
When Smart Things Operate at the Cloud Edge: Potentials, Challenges, and Solutionsdelete
AMCS Graduate Seminar| Monotonicity methods for mean-field gamesdelete
EE Graduate Seminar| The Force is still Strong - Magnetism Reviveddelete
CS Graduate Seminar| Extensions of Dynamic Programming for Investigation of Decision Treesdelete
EE Seminar-Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Heterojunctions: Synthesis, spin-valley properties and fundamental propertiesdelete
AMCS Graduate Seminar| Waves in Complex Media: Theories and Applicationsdelete
EE Graduate Seminar| Photonics for bio-applications: see, move and fabricate with lasersdelete
CS Graduate Seminar| Intersection of high performance computing and machine learningdelete
(Statistics Seminar) Spatial Estimation and Inference Based on Area Aggregated Data.delete
AMCS seminar on Measure-valued – strong uniqueness for general hyperbolic systemsdelete
AMCS seminar on On weak solutions to general hyperbolic systems and energy/entropy conservationdelete
Al-Kindi Distinguished Statistics Lectures| Object Oriented Data Analysisdelete
Statistics Seminar| Object Oriented Data Analysis of Manifold Datadelete
EE Graduate Seminar| On the Use of Structure in Signal Processing Analysis and Designdelete
Ph.D. defense Adel Sarmientodelete
"Projected particle methods for solving McKean-Vlasov stochastic differential equations”delete
CS Graduate Seminar| Caribou -- Intelligent Distributed Storagedelete
AMCS Seminar | Dissipation Effects in Sonic Crystals and Metamaterialsdelete
AMCS Seminar | Phononics: Processing information and controlling heat by phononsdelete
CBRC Seminar: Structured Regression in Large Temporal Networksdelete
Rough volatility models in finance.delete
Joanna Nassar's PhD Dissertation Defensedelete
EE Graduate Seminar: Virtual sensors for control and monitoring of complex systemsdelete
AMCS seminar on Nonlinear and dispersive wave equations with applicationsdelete
AMCS PhD Defense | Effective Medium Theory for Anisotropic Metamaterialsdelete
Contents on the Move: Content Caching and Delivery at the Wireless Network Edgedelete