Message from Dean Mootaz Elnozahy


The Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division plays a central role in the research, teaching, and outreach of the University both because its intellectual domains are evolving rapidly and powerfully at their frontiers and because the technological and scientific research produced in our Division is driven by the global challenges of our time such as the development of innovative materials, energy and water shortage, climate change mitigation as well as social and human needs. CEMSE employs computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics for crossing borders with other scientific disciplines and synthesize new ideas and technological solutions.

CEMSE provides a core, multi-cultural space for passionate researchers and students to carry on curiosity-driven research. It is an environment where excellence is made available to support the brightest minds of tomorrow pursuing today’s global challenges. It is a place where revolutionary changes take place through science and research. It is that very locus where scientific passion is cultivated to become the technology of tomorrow.

Our Division looks for researchers and students with a wild imagination and creativity to bring about innovative projects with the potential to change the future. With our research, we aim at bringing the world closer together because – after all - good science is a cross-cultural activity and KAUST is a place where adventurous and imaginative individuals engage in a journey of intellectual and cultural discovery.

If you want to make a difference, we encourage you to further explore our division's website.

Prof. Mootaz Elnozahy