CEMSE Student Visit Opportunities

KAUST is an international University situated on the shores of the Red-Sea. We are a Graduate-only University and it is truly a unique place to live and study. Here in the Computer, Electrical, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering division, we offer a number of visiting and internship opportunities for students to help them discover KAUST. 

How to Apply​

You should complete the respective enquiry form and upload the required information. A student internship specialist will then review your request. Only pre-screened students will receive an invitation to apply for a formal visit. 

Please click and complete this enquiry form​​ . A representative will then be in touch with you to check your enquiry for elig​ibility.  

For further enquires, please contact ​CEMSE.Internships@kaust.edu.sa​

There are 4 main types of student visitors to our Division and these are outlined below. 
1. Open Days
2. Student group Visits
3. Research Internships
4. Conferences and Academic Workshops

1. Open Day and short-term Visit Opportunities to KAUST

We welcome international student visitors from universities overseas, and also local universities who are closely affiliated with our research areas. 

If you are interested in Graduate Studies at KAUST such as the MS or PhD degree we may be able to can host you for an Open Day. 

Students that come to visit the campus can attend for up to 7 days. Financial support may be available to assist you in the visit. This will depend on wether you meet eligibility criteria and also the purpose of your visit. 

If you are interested in a post-doctoral position at KAUST, you may also be eligible to visit KAUST for an Open Day. You should still complete the enquiry form and a representative will then review your details. 

2. Student Group Visits including visits to KAUST coordinated by Universities  

To come as part of a group visit, the lead organizer from your institution or group should complete the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you about whether or not we can host you. Group visits can be for any number of visitors and for any time of year, however this is subject to availability of housing and other factors. 

Students that come on a group visit, can attend for up to 7 days. If you require a longer visit, pleaee let us know.  Some financial support may be available for groups of University stduents that wish to visit KAUST. This depends on your eligibility and the purpose of the visit. 

3. Individual Research Internships

Research internships normally last between one month and six months, sometimes the itnernship can last for up to one year.  Research Internships are for the following candidates: 

  1. Prospective Students who want to trial Research at KAUST before you apply as Graduate Student (you must meet minimum academic standards for admission)
  2. Students who are already working in collaboration with one of our Research Partners and will be visiting to work on a specific research project
  3. Students who were invited to apply for an Internship by a KAUST Professor 
  4. Students who are required to complete an internship as part of their academic course in their home institution (perhaps you have to complete a capstone project,  a final year project, or a year aborad)
  5. Students who are considering a Post-Doctoral position at KAUST and you and the Professor  would like you to visit KAUST first. 
Full funding for Research Internships in Computing, Electrical, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering are availabe. Benefits may include round-trip airfares, stipend, on-campus accommodation and insurance. 

4. Conference, Summer Camps or Academic Workshops at KAUST

We have a number of conferences, summer camps and academic workshops throughout the year. For example the Photonics Summer Camp, as well as our annual Saudi Summer Internship are two popular events in our calandar of visiting opportunites. 


  1. You must either be: a current student or prospective graduate student or a prospective post-doc if you wish to visit KAUST as a Student Visitor. 
  2. If you are a prospective student, you should meet our Admissions requirements for Graduate Studies. 
  3. If you are interested in a Research Internship, once you have completed the enquiry form and we have discussed your interest with a faculty member, we may ask you to then submit a formal application for the visit. Only pre-screened and faculty approved students will receive an invitation to apply.  
  4. Generally student visitors have excellent grades and the ability to communicate effectivly in English. For example, the average converted grade point average of a Student Visitr is 3.60/4.00