Hamza M. Ruzayqat is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), working with Professor Ajay Jasra in his research group the Computational Probability (COMPPROB).

Education and Early Career

Dr. Ruzayqat has a PhD degree in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, 2019. He also has a concurrent Masters degree from the same university and a Bachelor degree in Physics from Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine 2012.

Research Interest

Dr. Ruzayqat is focusing on Monte Carlo algorithms and data assimilation. In particular, he is working on multilevel particle filters, unbiased estimators and parameter estimation in continuous-time nonlinear models. In the past he worked on lattice and off-lattice kinetic Monte Carlo methods that are used to simulate atomic systems.

Work Experience

Dr. Ruzayqat was a teaching associate for four years and a research assistant for a year and a half in the department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. 


1. (2021) Ruzayqat, H., Chada, N. & Jasra A. ML estimation of normalizing constants using the EnKBF. (submitted)

2. (2021) Crisan, D., Del Moral, P., Jasra A., & Ruzayqat, H. Log-normalizing constants via the EnKBF. (submitted)


Selected Publications

Ruzayqat, H.M. and Jasra, A. (2020). Unbiased estimation of the solution to Zakai’s equation. Monte Carlo Methods and Applications, Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 113–129, eISSN 1569-3961, ISSN 0929-9629
Alexandros Beskos, Dan Crisan, Ajay Jasra, Nikolas Kantas, and Hamza Ruzayqat. Score-Based Parameter Estimation for a Class of Continuous-Time State Space Models. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 2021 43:4, A2555-A2580