CEMSE Welcomes new Professor: Dr. Athanasios Tzavaras

The CEMSE Division has recently welcomed a new Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, Dr. Athanasios (Thanos) Tzavaras born in Athens, Greece. Prof. Tzavaras joins from the University of Crete, Greece and has held prior appointments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Maryland at College Park. He has been at KAUST since the 15th of June this year. 

What are your research interests?

My research expertise lies on Mathematical Modeling and Partial Differential Equations, with main contributions to the theory of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and the mathematical foundations of Elasticity and Solid Mechanics.  Currently interested in mathematical modeling at the discrete or the kinetic level and the passage from such mesoscopic level modeling to continuum descriptions. 

Why did you choose KAUST?

Because of the growth opportunities, and the challenge of participating in the development of the Applied Mathematics and Computational Science program at a world-class University.

What do you hope to accomplish at KAUST?

My research objective is to build a group on partial differential equations and mathematical modeling of materials using the resources offered by KAUST, resources that we will solicit through competitive grants, and existing connections with various groups in European Universities.

 At the Institutional level, I am hoping to contribute to the further development of the AMCS program in matters like development of the curriculum and attracting students. I find very appealing the strong horizontal structures of the organization of  KAUST and hope to develop ties with researchers working on material modeling and computation in other divisions.

At KAUST I intend  to build a research group at the interface of nonlinear partial differential equations 
and mathematical modeling of materials, and to contribute to the further development of the AMCS program.

More Information:

You can contact Professor Athanasios (Thanos) Tzavaras (athanasios.tzavaras@kaust.edu.sa)