Competitive Center Funding (CCF) Program: Platforms for design and evaluation of microbial cell factories (MCFs)

Leadership Team: Vladimir Bajic, Takashi Gojobori, John Archer; Lead PI: Vladimir Bajic


Research Themes and Projects​


Theme A: Bioinformatics Software and Knowledgebases (Theme Lead: Vladimir Bajic)

  • Project A1: Bioinformatics framework for NGS data analysis and initial annotation of targeted microorganisms (PI: Vladimir Bajic); this project will be phased out by the end of 2016
  • Project A2: Big Data mining, information integration, knowledge exploration and MCF design platform (PI: Vladimir Bajic)
  • Project A3: Microbial ontologies (PI: Robert Hoehndorf)

Theme B: Modeling, optimization and rational design of metabolic processes and proteins (Theme Lead: Takashi Gojobori)​

  • Project B1: Pathways and processes (PI: Takashi Gojobori)
  • Project B2: Structure and function (PI: Xin Gao)

Theme C: Data Generation, Validation and Engineering (Theme Lead: John Archer)

  • Project C1: Microbial isolation, modeling, and MCF engineering (PI: John Archer)
  • Project C2: Protein engineering (PI: Stefan Arold)