Knowledge, Text and Data-Mining

  • 13CSSForming - forms spin systems using 13C labeled NMR spectra, i.e., CBCACON and CBCANCO

  • AberOWL - a framework for ontology-based access to biological data

  • Dragon Extractor of Methylated Genes in Diseases -

  • DASPfind - predicts new Drug-Target interactions from a network that encodes information about the known Drug-Target interactions, similarities between the drugs and similarities between targets

  • DeepGO - predicts protein functions using protein sequences and protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks

  • DPubChem:  predicts biological activities of chemicals/drugs based on high-throughput screening assays

  • iDTP - enables the large-scale discovery of new targets for small molecules, such as pharmaceutical drugs, co-factors and metabolite

  • Onto2Graph - generates graphs in different formats from ontologies

  • OntoFUNC - supports ontology enrichment analysis with OWL reasoning over arbitrary OWL ontologies


Retired Applications

  • DES-TOMATO - a unique and one-of-a-kind knowledge exploration system focused on tomato species

  • DES-ncRNA - focuses on human miRNAs and lncRNAs. DES-ncRNA belongs to the next generation of knowledge-mining resources

  • Dragon Text Mining PWMs Generator (DTMPG)