Metagenomics, Microbes and Metabolic Pathways


Retired Applications


  • Microbial Knowledge Exploration Portal (DESM) - allows for discovery, analysis and exploration of information from a number of topic-specific microbial knowledgebases

  • Biofuel Producer Screen (BioPS) - an in silico tool that can be used to screen and evaluate the cyanobacterial strains natural potential for FFA production based on their proteomes

  • bTSSfinder - predicts putative prompters for five classes of sigma factors in E. coli (σ70, σ38, σ32, σ28 and σ24) and in Cyanobacteria (σA, σC, σH, σG and σF)

  • DMAP: Metagenomics analysis and comparision platform -  enables the integration of annotations for the exploration and analysis of microbial metagenomes

  • Dragon Explorer of Enzymes and Compounds Of Industrial Importance (DEECOII) - highlights industrially important biological entities (enzymes, microorganisms or chemical compounds)

  • Dragon Explorer of Osmoprotection Pathways (DEOP) -  allows exploration of in silico-curated information related to the production of osmoprotectants captured from 1,160 species and includes 834 pathways, 3,529 genes, 4,899 enzymes, 2,907 compounds (143 osmoprotectant compounds) and 4,052 reactions (1,889 reactions directly affecting an osmoprotectant)