Evgenii Pavlov is a Software engineer at the Bio-Ontology Research Group. Pavlov's professional journey began in the field of web development, where he focused on creating interactive interfaces and implementing modern libraries, such as React. Later, Evgenii moved into game development, working on an exciting 3D RPG game in Unity, which included everything from designing game interfaces to writing logic and integrating with other platforms.

Evgenii Pavlov graduated from a top-ranked Russian university, Lomonosov Moscow State University, with a specialist degree (6 years) in "Fundamental Mathematics and Mechanics." Driven by a desire to share knowledge, he had the opportunity to conduct combinatorics seminars for first-year bioinformatics students at MSU and served as a private tutor and official judge for the Olympiads in Mathematics and Computer Science. Additionally, Evgenii was able to contribute to the field of deformable body mechanics as a co-author of the paper "Analysis of two-branch strain paths based on different variants of flow plasticity theory," published in the collection "Elasticity and Inelasticity" by Moscow University in 2021.

One of Pavlov's significant achievements outside of his current role is the running and management of a private cinema in the center of Moscow, which was successfully sold as a turnkey business in 2022. At present, with his extensive experience in software development, Evgenii Pavlov is engaged in a variety of tasks related to the development and support of projects in his laboratory.