Education Profile

  • ​Ph.D., Genetics, Univeristy of Glasgow, Scotland;
  • B.Sc.(Honours), Biological Sciences, University of Essex, England


Scientific and Professional Membership

  • European Phycological Societs (EPS); Society for Industrial Microbiology (SIMB)

Research Interests

My research group applies genomics-lead approaches to investigating and understanding the fundamental biology of non-model microorganisms such as microalgae, methanogens and other heterotrophic bacteria isolated from extreme habitats in the Arabian Peninsula and from this knowledge developing novel biotechnology products and solutions.

Professional Profile

  • 2009-present: Principal Research Scientist, CBRC CEMSE KAUST
  • 1992-2009: Faculty, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
  • 1985-1991: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

A. Salhi, M. Essack, A. Radovanovic, B. Marchand, S. Bougouffa, A. Antunes, M. Simões, F. Lafi, O. Motwalli, A. Bokhari, T. Malas, S. Al-Amoudi, G. Othoum, I. Alam, K. Mineta, X. Gao, R. Hoehndorf, J.A.C. Archer, T. Gojobori, V. Bajic Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1), D624-D633, (2016)
Fatani, S., Saito, Y., Alarawi, M., Gojobori, T., & Mineta, K. (2021). Genome sequencing and identification of cellulase genes in Bacillus paralicheniformis strains from the Red Sea. BMC Microbiology, 21(1).