A new geometrical model to solve the puzzle of time and understand the mystery of Dark matter and the magic of Quantum mechanics

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A complete description of time remained an unsolved problem for many decades. In this work, we propose the hypothetical existence of an invisible unordinary matter, named "Zaman", responsible for the variations of time by its rotational motion. This new model of time helps us understand better our physical universe, on tiny scales and on large scales.

Brief Biography

Pr. Dr. Saoussan Kallel-Jallouli is laureate of the “Ecole Normale Sup.” (1987). She obtained a doctorate degree in mathematics from the university of Paris XI-Orsay. She teaches mathematics since 1991 in various institutions and continues her research activities in many areas. Now, she is interested in modeling in all sciences: biology, physics... Recently, she built a new geometrical model that presents a solution to the enigma of dark matter and the mystery of time.