These are all submitted (or about to be) preprints. 

(2020) Beskos, A., Crisan, D., Jasra, A., Kantas, N. & Ruzayqat, H. Score based parameter estimation in cts time.

(2020) Ballesio, M., Jasra, A., von Schwerin, E. & Tempone, R. Wasserstein coupled PF for ML.

(2020) Jasra, A., Law KJH & Lu D. Unbiased Gradients for Inverse Problems.

(2020) Jasra, A., Law KJH, & Yu F. Unbiased filtering of diffusions.

(2019) Jasra, A., Heng, J., Xu, Y. & Bishop A. An ML approach for optimal control.

(2018) Franks, J., Jasra A., Law K. & Vihola M. Unbiased Inference for HMMs.

(2018) Jasra, A., Law KJH & Xu , Y. Markov chain simulation for MLMC.