Integrated Sensors: The synergistic combination of materials and microelectronics

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In this talk we will present the design and implementation of monolithic and hybrid sensors using integrated circuits. We will discuss the advantages and shortcomings of sensors built in silicon-based fabrication processes and examine, in detail, their integrated circuit topologies. Next, we will provide a comprehensive study of the design and analysis of CMOS integrated image sensors, integrated biosensors, and electronic backbone of MEMS hybrid sensors. We will conclude with a survey of advanced research topics in the area of integrated sensors such as smart sensors, RF-IDs, and nanosensors.

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Dr. Salama received his bachelors at Cairo university and his masters and doctorate degrees from the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University. His work on CMOS sensors for molecular detection was awarded the Stanford-Berkeley Innovators Challenge Award in biological sciences and was acquired by Lumina Inc in 2008. He was an assistant professor at RPI between 2005 and 2009. He is a Professor and founding program chair of the Electrical engineering department at King Abduallah University of Science and Technology. He is currently the director of the sensor initiative at KAUST, an eight university consortuim. He is the co-author of 200 papers and 14 patents on sensors.

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