Semiconductor Photonics Workshop 2023

Semiconductor Photonics Workshop

The Semiconductor Photonics Workshop was successfully held between 11-14th March at KAUST, bringing together leading international experts in the field of photonics. The workshop featured a range of world-renowned invited speakers, including Prof. Kei May Lau from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Perry Shum Ping from the Southern University of Science and Technology, Prof. Jianjun He from Zhejiang University, Prof. David Pan from The University of Texas at Austin, Prof. Ho Ho Pui from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Zhen Gao, Southern University of Science and Technology, and Prof. Xiaodan Pang from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The event was kicked off with opening remarks from the CEMSE division's Dean, Professor Gianluca Setti, and featured talks from KAUST's own Professors Boon Ooi, Stefaan De Wolf, Andrea Fratalocchi, Xiaohang Li, Omar F. Mohammed, Qiaoqiang Gan, Carlo Liberale, Kun Li, and Yating Wan.

Agenda can be accessed here:

The workshop focused on the latest developments in semiconductor photonics, exploring topics such as the design and fabrication of photonic devices, the physics of light-matter interactions, and the potential applications of photonics in fields such as telecommunications and biophotonics. The workshop also offered the opportunity to students and postdocs to participate in student rolling speech and poster competition sessions. Besides the technical sessions, the workshop offered recreational activities to guests and participants.

The workshop was concluded with Provost Lawrence Carin, who highlighted the university's commitment to advancing photonics research and provided insights on the future of artificial intelligence powered by advancements in semiconductors and photonics.

A meeting like this is very important for KAUST and for Saudi Arabia, and also it is a tremendous honor for us to welcome distinguished investigators from around the world.
— Provost Carin

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for researchers, students, and industry professionals to connect and share their latest findings and insights. The event also highlighted the importance of international collaboration in advancing photonics research and driving innovation in this critical field. Overall, the Semiconductor Photonics Workshop brought together some of the brightest minds in photonics research to share ideas, explore new frontiers, and advance our understanding of this fascinating area of science.

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