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ECO Devices Laboratory is looking for new members (MS/PhD students, PhD students, Postdocs) in the fields of nitride MOVPE, semiconductor physics, and novel InGaN LEDs & laser diodes. If you are interests in those subjects, please click "Contacts". 

Especially, an applicant for postdoctoral fellow position should be familiar with one of MOVPE, LED&LD device processing, Nitride-based LEDs, and Nitride-based LDs at least.

Undergraduate or master's students have a chance to stay as internship students. For more information about the internship, click "Join Us" in above. 


Research Fields

The ECO Devices Laboratory is developing the World-class highly-efficient Red LEDs using nitride semiconductors. As the next stage, we will challenge to develop novel laser diodes based on those technologies on red LEDs. 

Our InGaN-based red LEDs are unique in technologies, high-performance, and world-class. The red LEDs are promising as key devices of the micro-LED displays. The micro-LED displays are expected to be the next generation after the OLED displays. The micro-LED displays are useful not only simple displays but also special ones for VR and AR.

Nitride semiconductors are an interesting material system, which covers bandgap from 0.65 eV to 6.1 eV (the 210 nm (UV) to 1900 nm (IR) wavelength range). We will fabricate UV, visible, and IR LEDs and laser diodes based on nitride semiconductors. It is well-known that the growth of the key material (high-In-content InGaN) is not easy. However, we can do it using our original MOVPE technology. For the novel device, we are developing the strain-compensation structures and the electrochemical etching technology now.

We welcome the contacts from students and industries for joining our group or collaboration.

KAUST scientists have developed a red-light micrometer-scale LED with excellent efficiency. © 2021 KAUST; Anastasia Serin