Associate Professor, Statistics
Principal Investigator, Environmental Statistics
ying.sun [at]
Associate Professor Ying Sun is leading a research group on environmental statistics. Most of Professor Sun's research centers on developing statistical models and methods as well as machine learning/deep learning algorithms for complex data to address important environmental problems. Her scientific research has contributed greatly to spatio-temporal statistics and environmental applications. She has also greatly contributed to the development of artificial intelligence-driven techniques for time-series forecasting, anomaly detection, and process monitoring. The developed techniques are utilized in many applications to improve the operation of various renewable energy systems, healthcare systems, and environmental processes. She is the co-author of two books: "Statistical Process Monitoring Using Advanced Data-Driven and Deep Learning Approaches: Theory and Practical Applications" (Elsevier, 2020), and Advanced Road Traffic Modelling and Management Using Statistical and Deep Learning Methods, (Elsevier, 2021).