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AMCS Seminar | Quantum feld theories are the mathematical framework for the description of many particle quantum dynamics.

Start Date: November 29, 2016
End Date: November 29, 2016

By Dr. David Stuart, University of Cambridge
Solitons are spatially localized solutions of partial differential equations - nonlinear waves which exhibit a particle-like behaviour as disturbances of a continuous medium. There exist examples of solitons in classical relativistic field theories (mathematically these are Lorentz invariant hyperbolic partial differential equations). At low energy it is often possible to rigorously approximate the dynamics by systems of ordinary differential equations which amount to Newton's equation for the free motion of a particle for the case of a single soliton. We consider solitons in quantum field theories in one space dimension, and prove an approximation theorem which describes the quantized soliton in terms of the nonrelativistic Schrodinger equation for a massive particle.
Biography: David Stuart's studied physics as an undergraduate at Oxford University before obtaining a PhD in the Applied and Computational Mathematics program, Princeton University, under the direction of A.J. Majda. His research is in nonlinear analysis of problems arising in theoretical physics and mechanics, with a particular interest in the rigorous study of soliton dynamics in classical field theories (such as Yang-Mills and Einstein equations), and also in low dimensional quantum field theories.

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Date: Tuesday 29th Nov 2016
Time:03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Location: B1 - L4 - Rm. 4214
Refreshments: available @ 2:45 pm