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CS Seminar| Tools and Techniques for Creating Tailored Information Visualization

Start Date: April 24, 2017
End Date: April 24, 2017

By Dr. Hans-Jörg Schulz (Institute of Computer Science at the University of Rostock, Germany)
Information visualization is a curious field of research, as there is no inherently “right” or “wrong” way of displaying data – everything goes, as long as it does not misconstrue the underlying data and serves the needs of the viewer. This representational flexibility is benefit and burden at the same time. On one hand, it allows devising highly optimized visualization techniques that are fine-tuned to the characteristics of the data at hand and that cater optimally to the intended use of the visualization. On the other hand, this flexibility requires additional knowledge, efforts and skill. Just choosing one of the thousands of existing information visualization techniques is already a challenge in itself, let alone creating a new one. This talk will feature some select methods that aid in navigating all the options and visualization possibilities to yield tailored information visualizations that are expressive of the data, effective for the task to be carried out, and adaptive to new insights and questions that may arise along the way.
Biography: Hans-Jörg Schulz received his diploma in computer science and his PhD from the University of Rostock, Germany in 2004 and 2010, respectively. He has since worked in the areas of Visual Analytics and Information Visualization, with prolonged research stays at IBM Research in the US, TU Graz in Austria, and Fraunhofer IGD in Germany. He is currently working as a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Rostock, while pursuing his research interests in general visualization concepts and specific visualization techniques for climate research and the life sciences.

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Date: Monday 24th Apr 2017
Time:12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Location: Building 9, Hall I, Room 2322
Refreshments: Brown Bag Lunch will be available at 11:45 am