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CS Seminar: How much have we (not) learned from 30 years of Internet insecurity ?

Start Date: February 18, 2019
End Date: February 18, 2019

By Professor Marc Dacier (Eurecom, France)
At a time where everything needs to be connected to everything everywhere forever ; at a time where enormous amounts of data are being collected, correlated, dissected about us ; at a time where more and more critical decision making processes are being delegated to automated systems, it is probably worth asking ourselves what is our track record in building systems that are secure, reliable, trustworthy ... in a word : dependable. In this talk, I propose to look at some lessons learned over 30 years of Internet Insecurity. Why wasn't security part of the design criteria of the original Internet? How have we coped with it? Are we better now? A few concrete examples will highlight how we have made progress over the years, in a non satisfying manner. Having identified the pitfalls of the past, is there a way to avoid them in the future? Now that critical infrastructures, the so called OT world, are being more and more connected to the Internet, the IT world, we must do better at protecting them. Are we? The wave of new IoT devices, which one can see as merging the IT and the OT world together, is bringing with it its load of horrible security stories. This does not look good. Furthermore, cyberphysical systems, by being in direct contact with the world, are increasing the classical attack surfaces that we used to consider. We will conclude this talk with a few suggestions as to how improve the situation, one of them being a proposal for a major push in favor of a better education of computer scientists and engineers with respect to computer security. 

Bio:  Dr. Dacier is a full professor at Eurecom, France, since October 1st 2017, and acting Chair of the Digital Security department since July 1st 2018. He obtained his Phd in 1994 from the INPT, France and has since had a balanced career between industry and academia. After one year as a security consultant in Paris, France, he joined IBM Research to create the Global Security Analysis Laboratory. In 2002, he became a professor at Eurecom. In 2008, he joined Symantec to build its European Research Labs and manage all the ongoing collaborative research projects, worldwide. In that role, he was in charge of teams in France, Ireland and in the United States. He was also the university relationship manager for Symantec Research Labs, worldwide. In 2014, he became the director of the cybersecurity research group at QCRI, in Qatar, where he lived for 3 years. An internationally recognized expert in cybersecurity, Dr. Dacier has served on more than 100 program committees of all major security and dependability conferences and as a member of the editorial board of several technical peer reviewed journals.

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Date: Monday 18th Feb 2019
Time:12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Location: Building 9, Lecture Hall 1 Room 2322
Light Lunch will be served at 11:45 AM