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CS Seminar: Making Sense of Healthcare Data

Start Date: January 6, 2019
End Date: January 6, 2019

By Dr. Wei Siang Chee (BinaryHealthCare, Singapore)
“Making Sense of Healthcare Data” approaches the topic of data acquisition, processing and management in healthcare in a contextually relevant manner by examining the following key concepts (holistically) 1. The 'Characteristics' of Healthcare (How Healthcare is different) 2. Healthcare System & associated Data 3. Interpretation of Healthcare Data Common challenges presented during the analysis of healthcare data will also be examined.
Biography: Nicknamed the “Consultant’s Consultant”, Dr. Adam CHEE is a convergence scientist familiar with Health(Care), Informatics, Innovation, Technologies and Business aspects of the ecosystem while serving as a coach & conduit between various key opinion leaders & stakeholders, engaging at operational, strategic and government levels as well as developing commercial relationships with global firms and local start-ups in the utilization of Health Informatics and Digital Health as an enabler in addressing the challenges of new and existing models of health(care). Bringing years of experience and expertise in strategy & operations, technology & workflow advisory, implementation & adoption of solutions across Asia Pacific and Middle East, Adam had a successful career in the IT industry before venturing into Health Informatics in 2002, where he works across the healthcare ecosystem, including the primary care sector, private & public tertiary hospitals, research institutes, government health agencies and NGOs across the globe. Adam serves on several relevant committees including (but not limited to):  Chairperson, Health Level Seven (HL7) Singapore  Council Member, HL7 International  Founding Executive Council Member, HL7 Asia  Founding Co-Chair, HL7 Korea-Singapore Research & Innovation Alliance (HKSRIA)  Ex-Advisor, CPHIMS Technical Committee, HIMSS , USA  Expert Consultant, mHELP (mHealth Alliance), International  Immediate Past President, Association of Medical & BioInformatics Singapore (AMBIS)  Member, Special Committee (Health Information System Bench-marking), Ministry of Health, Malaysia  National Representative (Singapore) to Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics (APAMI)  National Representative (Singapore) to International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)  National Delegation Member (Singapore) to ISO TC215, International His unique background includes working in business & market development, product management with established MNCs including Agfa HealthCare, CrimsonLogic; innovative Startups and leading the Health IT & Medical Imaging practice within Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific where he consulted for Fortune 500 companies like GE, Phillips, TNT and Sony. Adam also ‘earned his stripes’ as an industry pioneer, implementing and managing clinical information solutions during his tenure with Singapore Health Services (SingHealth). A firm believer of lifelong learning and interdisciplinary approaches thru multiple specializations, Adam stays relevant through continuous professional development in diverse disciplines and holds graduate degrees in Health Informatics, Computing, Public Health and Business Administration. A recognized Subject Matter Expert, Adam holds faculty positions with institutes of higher learning in the region, including a Visiting Professorship with Taipei Medical University, has published 3 books, numerous articles and frequently advises & speaks at international conferences (including HIMSS, Harvard etc.). Adam is a Fellow of HIMSS (FHIMSS), Australasia College of Health Informatics (FACHI) and Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH).

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For more info contact: Prof. Xiangliang Zhang: email:
Date: Sunday 6th Jan 2019
Time:01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Location: Building 1,Level 4 I Room 4214
Light lunch will be available at 11:45 AM