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CS Seminar| Privacy Engineering in Cyber-Physical Systems

Start Date: January 14, 2018
End Date: January 14, 2018

By Professor Mahmoud Barhamgi (Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University ,France)

We progressively find ourselves surrounded by smart cyber-physical systems that silently track our activities and collect information about us. Examples include smart homes and cities, remote patient monitoring, etc. While such systems may ease our lives, they raise major privacy concerns for their users, as collected data is often sensitive, e.g. vital signs, location, etc. In this talk, I present an ongoing research work to empower users of cyber-physical systems to protect their privacy by themselves. I present an approach to allow the users to identify the privacy risks involved in sharing private data with a data consumer, assess the value of their private data based on identified risks and take a pragmatic data sharing decision balancing the risks with the benefits generated by the sharing.
Biography: Mahmoud BARHAMGI (Lyon 1 University, France) is an associate professor at Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University (France) and member of the LIRIS research Lab and the Adaptive Security and Privacy Group at the Open University (United Kingdom). His research interests lie in the area of data and knowledge engineering. Specifically, he had made several contributions to the areas of web data integration, privacy preserving data sharing, privacy and security engineering, service composition and semantic web services. Mahmoud has co-guest-edited and co-organized several special issues in prestigious journals and conferences on related topics including ACM TOIT, IEEE Access and DEXA 2017.

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Date: Sunday 14th Jan 2018
Time:12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Location: Building 1 -Level3 - Room 3422
Refreshments: Light Lunch will be available at 11:45 AM