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Intel Extreme Performance Users Group (IXPUG)

Start Date: April 23, 2018
End Date: April 25, 2018

IXPUG Middle East Conference 2018 at KAUST

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KAUST is hosting the first ever meeting in the Middle East of the Intel Extreme Performance Users Group (IXPUG), under the sponsorship of Intel, Cray, and KAUST I & ED.
You could expend $2000 and attend the technical program at ISC'18 in Frankfurt in June and have greater variety of vendors and institutions, but with a goal to survey recent developments in HPC enabled by manycore and heterogeneous processors and multilevel memory hierarchies, in big data and large-scale simulation, you could not do much better than this free workshop, and there is no transport or border crossing hassle :-). Our invited speakers are stellar. They are headed by Intel's lead exascale architect, ACM Seymour Cray Award winner Alan Gara, who previously designed the IBM Blue Gene, winner of the 2009 US National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Alan will speak on The Intertwined Futures of High Performance Computing and Artifical Intelligence at 9:00am on Monday 23 April in the Conference Center, Building 19.

Leaders of the installations at NERSC (Lawrence Berkeley Lab), ALCF (Argonne Lab), and JCAHPC (Japan's Joint Center for Advanced High Performance Computing) will all provide site updates on their new Intel-based platforms. There will be a tutorial on the use of advanced memory hierarchies, such as Shaheen's burst buffer, by our own KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory team. David Martin of the US DOE's industrial outreach effort at Argonne will give a half-day workshop on How High Performance Computing Transforms Small Business. Rashid Mehmood of King Abdulaziz University will continue the discussion begun at HPC Saudi 2018 at KAU on creating a Saudi Top10 supercomputer list in a panel with the community. Also featured will be 9 contributed talks (including 5 from PhD students pushing the frontiers) and 12 lightning talks leading to posters, as selected by the IXPUG steering committee. Attendes will catch the spirit and some of the technical enablers of the next advance in computational performance and how it makes possible a fusion (or convergence) of large-scale simulation and big data that unlocks new opportunities. When there are truly new opportunities, the advantages of established players over newcomers are reduced. Saudi institutions, which are by and large new players, should be encouraged by this disruptive opportunity and dive in. Attendees will see that Intel is reinventing itself as a big data company, no longer primarily as a chip vendor, and that it has significant interests in the region. Though some technical details of how to exploit new manycore and heterogeneous hardware roll-outs will be above the heads of newcomers, they will meet the players, learn the vocabulary, and gain motivation to update hardware, software, and curriculum and training.
Prof. David Keyes, Chair, IXPUG Middle East 2018.

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Date: Mo. 23 - Wed. 25 Apr. 2018
Location: Conference Center, Building 19, Hall 1