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EE Seminar: Pick-and-Place transfer of GaN-based devices using two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride

Start Date: February 11, 2019
End Date: February 11, 2019

By Prof Abdallah Ougazzaden ECE/Georgia Institute of Technology Director, GT-Lorraine Co-President, Institut Lafayette

Combined photonic and electronic systems require diverse devices to be co-integrated on a common platform. This heterogeneous integration is made possible through several separation and transfer methods where the functioning epilayers are essentially released from their growth substrate. The use of 2D layered h-BN as a mechanical release layer has been demonstrated to be a promising technique for the hybrid integration of III-nitride devices. Because 2-D materials have chemical bonds only in the plane of the 2-D material, the attachment of the subsequent epitaxial layer to the 2-D surface exists only through the extremely weak van der Waals forces. This weak bonding between the substrate and the epitaxial layer enables a wider range of uses that make new applications and new device designs possible. Placing the devices on any type of support and the ability of convenient integration with larger systems is extremely attractive. Today transfer printing technologies are booming with the appearance of a pick-and-place approach. It can therefore reduce the manufacturing costs compared to traditional methods through reduced substrate costs (via substrate reusability), reduced epitaxial growth times, reduced epitaxial gas use and elimination of a costly process step for layer release. In this talk we will present results on wafer-scale growth and pick-and-place transfer of LED devices via h-BN van der Waals epitaxy. Broader range of devices (HEMTs, solar cells, sensors, etc.) and applications (transport, environment, health, etc) will be discussed.
Biography: Professor at ECE School at Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), Director of GeorgiaTech- Lorraine, the European Campus of GIT, Co-Founder and Co-President of Lafayette Institute a platform of Innovation and Technology Transfer. He was a leader in creating the Joint International Research Lab between GT and CNRS and then has served as director for 3 terms. He worked in R&D as senior researcher and group leader at France Telecom for more than 8 years and one year at Optoplus/Alcatel (France) as Manager of Optoelectronic Materials Group. In 1999, he joined Bell-Labs at Lucent Technologies (USA), as Epitaxy and materials characterization Manager for Optical Fiber Communication. He kept this position with the company Agere Systems (USA), and then he worked as R&D and Fab Manager at TriQuint Semiconductor (USA). Dr. Ougazzaden joined the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2005. His current research activity is in the field of wide bandgap semiconductors and related devices for optoelectronic applications. He has authored more than 450 international scientific papers and communications and holds 26 patents. Recently in 2019 he was awarded of “La Légion d’Honneur” the highest decoration in France on behalf of the French President. He is member of National Academy of Metz since 2017. He is scientist member expert in the France Parliamentary office for the assessment of Scientific and Technology (OPECST, French Congress). In 2015, he was named recipient of the first international Stellab Award from PSA Peugeot Citroen. He was awarded the Medal of the city of Metz in 2014, for his main contributions in R&D and economic development. He is the recipient of Georgia Institute of Technology Steven A. Denning Award 2013 for Global Engagement for his dedication to economic development. He received France Telecom Best Research Award 1990 for his main contributions to the development of the first laser semiconductor at 1.3-micron for fiber telecommunication in France and its transfer to Alcatel. He was the Chair and the organizer of the International Conference MOVPE 2008 in Metz. He has served as Member of Program Committee for more than 30 international conferences on advanced materials and optoelectronic devices and systems.

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Date: Monday 11th Feb 2019
Time:12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Location: Between Building 2 and 3 Auditorium Room # 0215
Refreshments: Lunch will be provided