The strength of multidisciplinary research: the joint example of statistics and geoscience

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B1 L4 Room 4102


Different scientific branches have the potential to develop topics which would provide visibility and fame. However, comparable if not greater milestones can be achieved when researchers from totally different fields join their efforts. This seminar will summarize the scientific journey of a former member of KAUST, which spent three years here as a postdoc in statistics coming from a pure geological background, combining the best out of the two worlds. Examples of the latest researches will be provided in the context of space, time and space-time statistics, bridging it with the underlying geoscientific research questions.

Brief Biography

Luigi Lombardo is a new member of the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (University of Twente, the Netherlands) which he has recently joined as Assistant Professor in Applied Soil Science. Before joining ITC, Luigi has spent three years in KAUST as a postdoctoral researchers in Statistics (and Earth Sciences) with a primary focus on landslide research by means of spatial statistics. He graduated at University of Palermo (Italy) where he completed his BSc, MSc and PhD in geology. The latter degree was shared with the University of Tuebingen (Germany).


Light refreshments will be served around 3:45 PM.

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