Research Interests

Dr. Abdelkhalak research interests focus on speeding up oil and gas upstream applications (seismic modeling, imaging and interpretation, digital rock physics) by combining the use of adapted numerical and algorithmic approaches with effective parallel implementation on multicore and manycore architectures.


Office: Building 1 - Level 0, 0109

Education Profile

  • PhD in Computer Science INRIA Futurs & University of Bordeaux, France PhD Funded by Total SA. Impact of Hardware Acceleration Technologies on Seismic Imaging Applications.
  • MS in Computer Science, Scientific and Parallel Computing track 2006-2007 University of Bordeaux, France.
  • Master in Engineering, Computer Science 2004-2007, ENSEIRB, France.

Awards and Distinctions

  • ​Total Innovation Prize 2010.
  • HPCS’09 International Conference Best Paper Award 2009.
  • Tunisian National Engineering Scholarship 2004-2007.