Education Profile

  • ​​B.E. 2013, Microelectronics, School of Information and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, P.R.China.
  • M.S. 2016  Beijing Key Laboratory of Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technology, School of Information and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, P.R.China​.

QingLe Zhang was a visiting student at Integrated Microwaves Packaging Antennas & Circuit Technology (IMPACT) Research Group at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) from Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, P.R.China​.

Research Interests

​QingLe's research interests included Printing antenna, Antenna for System on Chip (SoC) Applications and Applications of metamaterials on antenna.

Selected Publications

1.   Qing-Le Zhang, Li-Ming Si, Yongjun Huang, Xin Lv, and Weiren Zhu. Low-index-metamaterial for gain enhancement of planar terahertz antenna[J]. AIP Advances, 2014, ​4(3): 037103.

2.   Si, Li-Ming, Qing-Le Zhang, Wei-Dong Hu, Wei-Hua Yu, Yu-Ming Wu, Xin Lv, and Weiren Zhu. A Uniplanar Triple-Band Dipole Antenna Using Complementary Capacitively Loaded Loop[J]. Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE, 2015, 14: 743-746.

3.   Feng Jia-Qi, Wei-Dong Hu, Qing-Le Zhang, Hua Zong, Hui Huang, Yu-Ting Jin, Yu-Ming Wu, Zhan Xu, Xin Lv, and Li-Ming Si. Polarization-Independent and Angle-Insensitive Metamaterial Absorber Using 90-Degree-Rotated Split-Ring Resonators[J]. International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2015, 501: 240691.

4.   Jin, Yu-Ting, Li-Ming Si, Qing-Le Zhang, Yu-Ming Wu, and Xin Lv. Dual-band bandpass filter using composite metamaterial resonator[J]. Modern Physics Letters B 30, no. 07 (2016): 1650079.  

5.    Qing-Le Zhang, Li-Ming Si, Yu-Ming Wu, Yong Liu, and Xin Lv. Design of a coplanar bowtie antenna for WLAN and WiMAX application[C]. Antennas and Propagation (APCAP), 2014 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on. IEEE, 2014: 284-286.

6.   Qing-Le Zhang, Yu-Ting Jin, Jia-Qi Feng, Xin Lv, and Li-Ming Si. Mutual coupling reduction of microstrip antenna array using metamaterial absorber[C]. In Advanced Materials and Processes for RF and THz Applications (IMWS-AMP), 2015 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on, pp. 1-3. IEEE, 2015.