Software Description

Estimating the values of unknown parameters from corrupted measured data faces a lot of challenges in ill-posed problems. In such problems, many fundamental estimation methods fail to provide a meaningful stabilized solution. This software is a new regularization approach and a new regularization parameter selection approach for linear least squares discrete ill-posed problems. It is based on enhancing the singular-value structure of the ill-posed model matrix to acquire a better solution.

Unlike many other regularization algorithms that seek to minimize the estimated data error, this algorithm is developed to minimize the mean-squared error of the estimator which is the objective in many typical estimation scenarios.

The performance of the proposed approach is demonstrated by applying it to a large set of real-world discrete ill-posed problems. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed approach outperforms a set of benchmark regularization methods in most cases. In addition, the approach also enjoys the lowest runtime and offers the highest level of robustness among all the tested benchmark regularization methods.

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Mohamed A. Suliman, Tarig Ballal, and T. Y. Al-Naffouri, "Perturbation-Based Regularization for Signal Estimation in Linear Discrete Ill-Posed Problems", in Signal Processing, Feb. 2018.

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