Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division's Research

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Research in the CEMSE Division clusters into four main areas:

  • Electrical engineering, including the development of communication networks; CMOS integrated circuits; electronic and optics/photonics devices; micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); various types of sensors, measurement and detection devices; as well as functional- and nano-materials.
  • Mathematical analysis, including modeling and simulations with applications to physical, chemical, biological and environmental processes; materials science; oil exploration and reservoir management.
  • Computer science and big data, including bioinformatics; and visual and extreme computing.
  • Statistics and data science, including climate science, environmental statistics, and biostatistics.

Research in the CEMSE Division is driven by independent faculty labs and three Research Centers with which Faculty can affiliate to perform applied, goal-oriented research. Centers affiliated with the Division include:​

  • Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC)
  • Extreme Computing Research Center (ECRC)
  • Visual Computing Center (VCC)

In addition, from time to time, the Division undertakes special exploratory and collaborative research initiatives, currently in Sensors, Uncertainty Quantification, TIC Solid State Lighting at KAUST, and Center of Excellence for NEOM Research at KAUST.

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