Student Focus: Ainur Sharip

KAUST Ph.D. student Ainur Sharip came to the University from Kazakhstan in 2017 to first pursue her master's degree in bioscience. She is currently completing her Ph.D. studies in Professor Stefan Arold’s research group. Photo by Meres J. Weche.

By David Murphy, KAUST News

Ainur Sharip, who is originally from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, joined KAUST in August 2017 to pursue her M.S. and then her Ph.D. in bioscience. Sharip's research interests at KAUST focus on bioengineering, molecular and synthetic biology.

She obtained her master's degree under the supervision of Associate Professor Jürgen Kosel in the University's Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science & Engineering division. As a member of Kosel's Sensing, Magnetism and Microsystems (SMM) research group, Sharip and her colleagues investigated the behavior of stem cells upon culturing on magnetic iron nanowire substrate, with a specific focus on cytoskeleton rearrangement and the differentiation of cells.

KAUST CEMSE EE B SMM SI KAUST Associate Professor Jurgen Kosel Working With Students In KAUST Lab
KAUST Associate Professor Jürgen Kosel, Ph.D. student Ainur Sharip's master's degree supervisor at the University, is pictured here (standing) working with two of his students in the KAUST lab. Photo by Sarah Munshi.

"Our work in the SMM required expertise in biology and engineering," she explained. "Our ultimate goal is to produce bone cells from stem cells and use them to treat many bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis. I think that applying engineering techniques to biology is a fascinating and rewarding endeavor with many potential benefits for healthcare."
Sharip has recently joined Professor Stefan Arold's Structural Biology and Engineering research group for the continuation of her Ph.D. studies. She is currently developing a technology platform for the rapid biosynthesis of high-value natural products and enzymes.

An opportunity for high-quality research

Sharip first discovered the potential of life at KAUST when she visited the University as a student in August 2016 as part of the KAUST Visiting Student Research Internship Program. For four months, she worked as a research intern in the Laboratory for Nanomedicine under the supervision of Professor Charlotte Hauser and Dr. Sakandar Rauf, gaining insight into life on campus.

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