Joining KAUST from early stage was a great opportunity. Contributing to the development and the growth of the university is a unique experience. KAUST is the hub of talented colleagues and valuable friends from all over the world. Me and my family are really lucky to be here.
Hebatalla Mahmoud Events Coordinator, CEMSE Division


Building 9 (Engineering & Science Hall), Level 3, Room 3357

Hebatalla Mahmoud is a founding community member of KAUST. She joined KAUST in 2009. Prior to joining KAUST, Hebatalla, in short Heba, was working as Program Coordinator at ISI–Hagenberg, JKU University - Austria. Heba has a B.Sc. in Engineering project planning and she has more than 20 years of work experiences in both industry and academic sectors. Since 2013, Heba is serving as the CEMSE Events Coordinator. She has organized more than 50 events plus more than 30 conferences and workshops within CEMSE with more than 2500 participants.

Heba was awarded Service Excellence Award, KAUST, 2016 for her excellent work.