Optical Wireless Communication Using Fused Fiber-Optic Tapers Work Listed as an OSA Top Downloaded Paper

The paper "​Wide-field-of-view optical detectors using fused fiber-optic tapers​," published in Optics Letters in April 2021, has been listed in the Top 5 most downloaded papers across all OSA Publishing journals for two consecutive months (April and May 2021).


With around 7,000 downloads, the paper was listed as the #1 most downloaded paper in Optics Letters in the same period. The paper is still listed in the top downloaded Optics Letters papers for the third consecutive month.


This work explores the practicality of using fused fiber-optic tapers in optical wireless communication. It demonstrates the possibility of designing an imaging detector for wide-field-of-view applications, showing the potential of expanding the field of view of photodetector arrays.


To view the paper, click on the link below: