ISL Student Osama Bushnaq does an Delft Internship


Summary of Delft internship : Advanced sensor networks are needed in order to meet the increasing needs of IoT applicat

ISL PhD Student Osama Bushnaq does Internship at UBC


ISL PhD Student Osama Bushnaq did an internship at the University of British Coloumbia in Canada.

Active RC filters using the Operational Transresistance Amplifier

Active,RC,filters,Operational Transresistance

K.N. Salama, A.M. Soliman

Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, Volume 8, No. 04 1998, Pages 507-5164)

Marine sensor gets to grips with salt

electrical engineering,marine science,sensors Laser-induced graphene formation creates tailor-made sensors for monitoring ocean creatures and ecosystems.

Self-destructible electronics is a Mission Impossible no more

CMOS,nanoelectronics,flexible In today's digital age, the increasing dependency on information makes everyone potentially exposed to privacy invasion and cyber security…

Postdoc Luigi Lombardo gets an Outstanding Student Poster and PICO EGU Award. Congratulations Luigi!

statistics,landslide susceptibility modeling

The 2016 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Award is awarded to Luigi Lombardo for the poster/PICO entitled Landslide tri

Image Understanding and Processing

An artificial vision system should be able to understand the content of an image. From a lower level, image content includes different…

Optimization for Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Many applications in computer vision and machine learning can be directly formulated as a nonlinear optimization problem, which may be…

3D Understanding

3D Understanding extends the ability of computer vision systems to understand an image from the image plane to the 3D world. It has become…

Object Tracking

Object tracking is to associate target objects in consecutive video frames. Its real-world applications range from video surveillance,…

Action and Activity Recognition and Understanding

data science,machine learning We are in the midst of a data revolution, where visual content has a protagonist role. For instance, YouTube reports that over 100…

n-scroll chaos generator using nonlinear transconductor

S. Ozoguz, A.S. Elwakil and K.N. Salama