New paper accepted in JASA - Application and Case Studies

Spatial extremes

New accepted paper: Castro Camilo, D., and Huser, R. (2019+), Local likelihood estimation of com

New paper accepted in JGR - Earth Surface

Statistics of extremes,Bayesian Statistics

New accepted paper: Lombardo, L., Bakka, H., Tanyas, H., van Westen, C., Mai, P.

Active RC filters using the Operational Transresistance Amplifier

Active,RC,filters,Operational Transresistance

K.N. Salama, A.M. Soliman

Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, Volume 8, No. 04 1998, Pages 507-5164)

Marine sensor gets to grips with salt

electrical engineering,marine science,sensors Laser-induced graphene formation creates tailor-made sensors for monitoring ocean creatures and ecosystems.

Self-destructible electronics is a Mission Impossible no more

CMOS,nanoelectronics,flexible In today's digital age, the increasing dependency on information makes everyone potentially exposed to privacy invasion and cyber security…

Postdoc Luigi Lombardo gets an Outstanding Student Poster and PICO EGU Award. Congratulations Luigi!

statistics,landslide susceptibility modeling

The 2016 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Award is awarded to Luigi Lombardo for the poster/PICO entitled Landslide tri

n-scroll chaos generator using nonlinear transconductor

S. Ozoguz, A.S. Elwakil and K.N. Salama