RobotoKAUST 2021

‌The KAUST Research Conference on Robotics and Autonomy 2021

March 31st - April 1st 2021

The KAUST Research Conference on Robotics and Autonomy 2021, #RobotoKAUST, brought together leading international and in-Kingdom robotics researchers and government and industry representatives from the robotics industry to discuss robotics and its applications.

The conference topics have included: research on foundational robotics topics, planning and learning, locomotion, assured autonomy, human-robot interaction, swarm robotics, and the application areas of modern robotics, such as urban mobility, agriculture, marine, wearable robotics.

The recordings of the talks are listed below. To visit our YouTube Channel: KAUSTRISCLab follow the link. 

The KAUST RISC Lab Team organized the Short Story Competition for KAUST Community and met with TKS KG students. The youngest members had a chance to learn about the drones and observe them in action.