A hybrid modular microfluidic device for emulsion generation

Zhengyuan Zhou, et al., "A hybrid modular microfluidic device for emulsion generation". Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 280, 2018, 422.

We report a novel modular plug-and-play microfluidic device for versatile emulsion generation, which consists of three parts: a top module for the dispersed phase supply, a glass capillary for emulsion creation and a bottom module for the continuous phase supply. By combining different modules and tapered glass capillaries, single emulsions, Janus emulsions and double emulsions have been successfully produced. The hybrid strategy allows us to produce smaller droplets through the tapered glass nozzles compared to current fully 3D-printed devices. On the other hand, it provides a simple and plug-and-play assembly manner compared to conventional microfluidic devices. Screw-thread plus gasket strategy has been proved to successfully seal the device and separate different liquid phases. Finally, magnetically responsive microparticles are synthesized based on the droplet templates produced in our device, which can be potentially applied in sensor and actuator fields.