Sci-Cafe: Can Big Data Solve my Health Problems?

-By Rose Gregorio

Professors Takashi Gojobori, Xin Gao and Robert Hoehndorf spoke about big data and human health at the Sci-Cafe event held on February 27. Their talk, which was moderated by James Calvin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, aimed to answer the question, "Can Big Data Solve My Health Problems?" This event was open to all members of the KAUST community.

The talk was live-streamed on Facebook, allowing audiences from outside KAUST to watch and take part in the discussion by asking questions and writing comments. Almost 2,000 viewers had tuned into the live feed.

Many interesting questions were asked by audience members during the Q&A part, further stimulating the lively discussion.
Apples were given away at the end of the talk as a reminder for everyone to take good care of their health. 

View event photos here.

Watch the full video here.