The IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems publishes papers at the intersection of control systems and network science. In particular, the journal addresses research on decision and control systems characterized by a distributed or networked architecture, spanning modeling, analysis, estimation, design, and implementation, with an emphasis on analytical contributions. Topics covered by this journal include collaborative control, distributed learning, multi-agent systems, distributed optimization, control of collective behavior, distributed estimation, dynamical systems over graphs, coevolutionary networks, synchronization, large-scale complex systems, and control with communication constraints. Application areas relevant to control of network systems include smart infrastructure, multi-robot systems and swarm robotics, systems biology, neuroscience, smart health, computing, communications, transportation, manufacturing, power systems, cyberphysical and social systems, sensor networks, and social networks.

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    The Transactions is an electronic journal and is available on-line through the IEEE Xplore link.

    It is sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society and technical co-sponsors include: the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, the IEEE Communications Society, the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.