Volume 7 (2020), Issue 4 (December)

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Table of Contents


  • Behavioral and Game-Theoretic Security Investments in Interdependent Systems Modeled by Attack Graphs, M. Abdallah, P. Naghizadeh, A. R. Hota, T. Cason, S. Bagchi, and S. Sundaram, p. 1585
  • Analysis and Design of First-Order Distributed Optimization Algorithms Over Time-Varying Graphs, A. Sundararajan, B. Van Scoy, and L. Lessard, p. 1597
  • From Matrix-Weighted Consensus to Multipartite Average Consensus, S.-H. Kwon, Y.-B. Bae, J. Liu, and H.-S. Ahn, p. 1609
  • Adaptive Secure State Estimation for Cyber-Physical Systems With Low Memory Cost, L. An and G.-H. Yang, p. 1621
  • Globally Stable Delay Alignment for Feedback Control Over Wireless Multipoint Connections, T. Wigren, K. Lau, R. A. Delgado, and R. H. Middleton, p. 1633
  • Can Taxes Improve Congestion on All Networks?, P. N. Brown and J. R. Marden, p. 1643
  • Distributed Formation Control of Mobile Agents via Global Orientation Estimation, Q. Van Tran and H.-S. Ahn p. 1654
  • Defending Against Stealthy Attacks on Multiple Nodes With Limited Resources: A Game-Theoretic Analysis, M. Zhang, Z. Zheng, and N. B. Shroff, p. 1665
  • Stochastic Pinning Controllability of Noisy Complex Networks, F. D. Rossa and P. DeLellis, p. 1678
  • Explicit Characterization of Performance of a Class of Networked Linear Control Systems, H.K.Mousavi and N.Motee, p. 1688
  • Simultaneous Facility Location and Path Optimization in Static and Dynamic Networks, A. Srivastava and S. M. Salapaka, p. 1700
  • Clique-Based Distributed PI Control for Multiagent Coordination With Heterogeneous, Uncertain, Time-Varying Orientations, K.Sakurama, p. 1712
  • Optimal Scheduling Strategy for Networked Estimation With Energy Harvesting, M. M. Vasconcelos, M. Gagrani, A. Nayyar, and U. Mitra, p. 1723
  • Average State Estimation in Large-Scale Clustered Network Systems, M. U. B. Niazi, C. Canudas-de-Wit, and A. Y. Kibangou, p. 1736
  • A Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control Approach to Position Synchronization Control for Networked Interconnected Motion System, Y.-W. Wang, W.-A. Zhang, and L. Yu, p. 1746
  • Cascading Attacks on Wi-Fi Networks: Theory and Experiments, L. Xin, D. Starobinski, and G. Noubir, p. 1757
  • Output Robustness of Probabilistic Boolean Control Networks With Respect to One-Bit Perturbation, S. Zhu, J. Lu, T. Huang, and Y. Liu, p. 1769
  • Model Reduction Based Approximation of the Output Controllability Gramian in Large-Scale Networks, G. Casadei, C. Canudas-de-Wit, and S. Zampieri, p. 1778
  • Hierarchical Design for Position-Based Formation Control of Rotorcraft-Like Aerial Vehicles, D. Zhang, Y. Tang, W. Zhang, and X. Wu, p. 1789
  • Distributed Communication-Aware Motion Planning for Networked Mobile Robots Under Formal Specifications, Z. Liu, B. Wu, J. Dai, and H. Lin, p. 1801
  • Performance and Design of Consensus on Matrix-Weighted and Time-Scaled Graphs, D. R. Foight, M. H. de Badyn, and M. Mesbahi, p. 1812
  • Control of Learning in Anticoordination Network Games, C. Eksin and K. Paarporn, p. 1823
  • Sparsity Invariance for Convex Design of Distributed Controllers, L. Furieri, Y. Zheng, A. Papachristodoulou, and M. Kamgarpour, p. 1836
  • Decomposition of Nonconvex Optimization via Bi-Level Distributed ALADIN, A. Engelmann, Y. Jiang, B. Houska, and T. Faulwasser, p. 1848
  • Sampled-Data Set Stabilization of Impulsive Boolean Networks Based on a Hybrid Index Model, L. Lin, J. Cao, S. Zhu, L. Rutkowski, and G. Lu, p. 1859
  • Resilient Sensor Placement for Kalman Filtering in Networked Systems: Complexity and Algorithms, L. Ye, S. Roy, and S. Sundaram, p. 1870
  • Redefined Reconstructibility and State Estimation for Boolean Networks, J. Yang, W. Qian, and Z. Li, p. 1882
  • Tradeoff Between Controllability and Robustness in Diffusively Coupled Networks, W. Abbas, M. Shabbir, A. Y. Yazıcıog ̆lu, and A. Akber, p. 1891
  • Joint Cross-Layer Optimization in Real-Time Networked Control Systems, M. Klu ̈gel, M. Mamduhi, O. Ayan, M. Vilgelm, K. H. Johansson, S. Hirche, and W. Kellerer, p. 1903
  • Barrier Function Based Collaborative Control of Multiple Robots Under Signal Temporal Logic Tasks, L. Lindemann and D. V. Dimarogonas, p. 1916
  • Data-Driven I/O Structure Learning With Contemporaneous Causality, J. A. W. B. Costanzo and O. Yag ̆ an, p. 1929
  • Mixed Autonomy in Ride-Sharing Networks, Q. Wei, R. Pedarsani, and S. Coogan, p. 1940
  • Resilient Containment Control in Adversarial Environment, J. Yan and C. Wen, p. 1951
  • Asynchronous Distributed Power Control of Multimicrogrid Systems, Z. Wang, L. Chen, F. Liu, P. Yi, M. Cao, S. Deng, and S. Mei, p. 1960
  • Distributed Continuous-Time Algorithms for Optimal Resource Allocation With Time-Varying Quadratic Cost Functions, B. Wang, S. Sun, and W. Ren, p. 1974