The laboratory is equipped with a wide selection of opto-electronic components and tools. It includes, among others, multiple optic tables (ThorLabs), prototyping lasers of various classes (plus laser goggles; laser training required), lenses, cameras, prisms, beam splitters, missors, etc. It further includes electronic tools such as programmable signal generators, oscilloscopes, volt meters, soldering irons, microcontrollers and embedded architectures, as well as basic electronic components.

Time of Flight Cameras

Time of Flight Cameras

The lab owns multiple time-of-flight (TOF) cameras such as Espros DME660 and Ti OPT8241. The Espros DME660 is a standalone 3D-TOF distance measurement camera with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. It has a wide field of view (H94° x V69°) and a range of up to 10m on white targets. It can be attached using USB or Ethernet and a fully documented SDK is provided. The Ti OPT8241 is a TOF sensor development board providing 320x240 pixel frames at up to 150Hz. The resulting data is provided as 12bit phase correlation data and 4bit common mode (ambient) data. The lab also owns a couple of consumer level depth cameras, including Microsoft Kinect v1 and v2, DepthSense DS311 and PMD sensors.

RPIV System

Rainbow Particle Imaging Velocimetry System

The rainbow particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) system is set up to measure the 3D velocity vector fields with one single camera, where the depth position of the particle is coded by the color of the scattered light. Such system does not require complicated 3D optical calibration environment for the experiments.

Hyperspectral Plasma

Hyperspectral Plasma Light Source

This is a solid state plasma light source with liquid light guide with a broadband output spectrum of 400-700nm. Our setup includes a collimating microscope adapter manufactured by Thorlabs.

Optical Tables

Optical Tables

The lab provides three Thorlabs all-steel optical tables to mount experimental setups in a reproducible and precise way, protected from external vibrations and other disturbances.

FPGA Protoyping Boards

FPGA Protoyping boards, Microcontrollers, embedded SOCs

The lab provides researchers with a range of development boards, including:

Altera Cyclone IVe FPGA development boards:

DE2-115 development board with on-board USB-Blaster, JTAG and AS mode configuration support, 128MB SDRAM, 2MB SRAM, 8MB Flash, SPI, 4-bit SD support, USB 2.0 host, 2x Gigabit Ethernet and mode. The FPGA provides 115k LEs.

DE0 Nano development board with an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA, 32MB SDRAM, 2KB EEPROM, built-in USB-Blaster, etc. The FPGA provides 115k Les.


Embedded SOCs, such as Raspberry Pis, Beaglebones, Odroids. These embedded platforms are ARM Cortex A based and support full Linux kernels.

A range of microcontrollers based on Atmel AVR chips or ARM Cortex M, as well as STM-based boards.

Embedded Cameras

Embedded Cameras and Diffractive Optical Elements

VCC develops its own diffractive optical elements, which can, e.g., be used with Point Grey cameras provided by the Computational Imaging Lab. One of the promising applications of this DOE is to use them with future cameras that optically encode information about the real world in such a way that can be captured by image sensors. The resulting images represent detailed information such as scene geometry, motion of solids and liquids, multi-spectral information, or high contrast, which can then be computationally decoded using computational methods.

LFI System
Light in flight Imaging Systems

​This is an imaging system for capturing “light in flight” or transient imaging, the prototype is based on modulated light source and PMD camera. In this imaging modality, short pulses of light are observed “in fligh” as they propagate through a scene. Transient images are useful to help understand light propagation in complex environments and to analyze light transport for research and many practical applications. Two such examples are the reconstruction of occluded geometry, i.e. "looking around a corner", or measuring surface reflectance.


Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Multimeters

This lab also provides a small electronics workspace including:

  • Regulated lab power supplies (2x TTi QL355TP)

  • Programmable Waveform Generators (2x Agilent 33500B, 1x Keysight 33600A)

  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (2x Agilent InfiniiVision MSO-X 2024A, 1x Keysight InfiniiVision MSO-X 3104T)

  • Heatgun (Sparkfun 303D)

  • Multimeters (2x Fluke 289)

Soldering Equipment

Soldering Equipment, vises, helping hands, and related tools

The lab provides two Weller soldering stations with fine soldering tips for micro-electronics and one Weller re-soldering station. We also have an array of vises, helping hands, magnifying lenses, etc. to help in the soldering process. We also stock small quantities of common electronic components such as linear ICs, resistors, capacitors, etc.

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

The lab also contains a variety of digital video and still cameras to measure and monitor the output of our optical setups. The lab has multiple professional, cinema-grade Red cams (Scarlet X, providing up to 5k resolution and up to 120Hz at 1k). The lab also has two Canon EOS 70D with an array of lenses of different specifications.

Optical Components

Optical Components

The lab keeps a stock of standard optical components such as beam splitters, lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc.