KAUST Introduction on Machine Learning Bootcamp

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Building 16, Level 3

KAUST Introduction on Machine Learning Bootcamp

As part of KAUST’s mission to disseminate skills and teach hands-on experience in machine learning on-campus, the first KAUST Introduction to Machine Learning Bootcamp will be held for three full days on March 29, 30, and 31. This bootcamp is an opportunity for students and researchers at KAUST to acquire basic skills necessary to apply Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to solve problems in their fields of expertise. It will span three consecutive days, with the first day focusing on basic theoretical concepts (lectures) and the following two days providing hands-on sessions to apply and experiment with these concepts (Scikit-Learn and PyTorch). We also plan on holding a competition at the end of the Bootcamp, where top-ranking participants will be awarded prizes.

Please visit the ML Bootcamp website for more information. The Bootcamp will be held in KAUST with (limited) in-person attendance. To register for the event, please fill out this registration form. Due to HSE restrictions, there is a limited number of available seats for attendees. We will send confirmation emails for in-person attendance.

This event is sponsored and organized by the AI Initiative and the Center for Teaching and Learning at KAUST.

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