A key concept in future cities is constant citizen engagement through the utilization of digital technologies. Cities around the world have been installing digital systems of connectivity networks, sensor devices, data storage machines, operating systems, and computational and analytics applications. Such digitization systems are commonly referred to as 'intelligent infrastructure" systems. The intelligent infrastructure technologies enable efficient utilization of resources and timely responsiveness in maintaining reliable services. The technological components that make up intelligent infrastructure in a future city are:


  • High-speed communications powered by high-bandwidth digital network.
  • High-volume data storage with both centralized and intermediate storage points.
  • High-density sensor distribution that constantly allow for gathering of vital information.
  • High-capacity data processing using computational algorithms and machine-learning techniques while leveraging hardware computer capabilities.
  • All mediums of IoT actuating systems that are necessary for basic interface and various automation actions


Those components are considered the foundational layers for architecting the core sectors of any city such as energy, water, food, and transportation.