While we, humans, are the creators of powerful machines that can perceive the world the way we do, we have absolutely no idea why these machines work so effectively. I try to make a small dent in this grand question.

Adel Bibi is a postdoctoral research assistant in computer vision and machine learning at the Torr Vision Group working with Professor Philip Torr at the University of Oxford. Prior to that, he received his MSc and PhD degrees from King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) where he was part of the Image and Video Understanding Lab (IVUL) advised by Professor Bernard Ghanem. 

Education and Early Career

Adel Bibi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Kuwait University in 2014. He received his Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in 2015.

During his preparation for the Master degree, Bibi was a Teaching Assistant in ECE397: Advanced Topics in Signal Processing (Introduction to Computer Vision) at KAUST. In 2016, Bibi was the Teaching Assistant in AMCS211: Numerical Optimization at KAUST.

Research Interest

Bibi is mainly interested in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Optimization. Specifically, he’s concerned about RGB/RGBD trackers, Circulant Structure Matrices for Tracking, Correlation/Convolution Filters, Stereo based Trackers, Underwater Color Correction, Sparse Representation and Clustering. 

Honors and Awards

Adel Bibi had several honors during his undergraduate studies. He received the Dean's honor list for 4 consecutive years. He was ranked first among his graduating class. Also, Bibi won the best graduation project in Electrical Engineering for the year on the project (SAIC: Synthetic Artificial Intelligent Clothes).


Education Profile

  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering ,King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST),Saudi Arabia, 2020
  • M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, 2016
  • B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Kuwait University, Kuwait, 2014

Awards and Distinctions

  • Granted a scholarship to attend the AI-DLDA summer school, 2018.
  • Best poster award, Optimization and Big Data Conference, KAUST, 2018.
  • Outstanding reviewer, The Premier Annual Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference (CVPR18).
  • Ranked first on Electrical Engineering Department among the graduating class with a GPA of 3.99/4, Kuwait University. 
  • Best Electrical Engineering Graduation Project Award, the Kuwait Science Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, 2014.
  • Dean's honor list award for four consecutive years, Kuwait University.