Visual Computing

March 29-30, 2022

Visual Computing has become a key enabling technology for a diverse set of applications spanning scientific discovery, digital services, medicine, robotics, consumer electronics and entertainment, to name just a few. The research community tackles problems in this vast space by drawing from expertise in multiple disciplines, including Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics. The KAUST Masterclass on Visual Computing highlights a selection of cutting-edge academic research within this field by comprising a series of talks focusing on different topics ranging from Computational Architecture and Fabrication, Deep Optics, and Generative Modeling, to Nanovisualization, Physics-based simulation, and Representation Learning.

Internship and Visiting Programs

CEMSE Internship and Visiting Program aim to develop undergraduate and graduate student potential through exposure to relevant areas in applied science and engineering research. We encourage successful internship students to apply to KAUST and other graduate schools, in order to earn graduate degrees and pursue careers in science, technology, and engineering in specialized areas of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics.