Dr. Zhang promoted to the rank of Associate Professor

Xiangliang Zhang has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in Computer Science. Xiangliang obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science from INRIA - Universite Paris Sud in 2010 and was a Visiting Scientist at IBM before she joined KAUST as an Assistant Professor in 2011. Xiangliang’s research is in the field of machine learning and data mining, and she specializes in analyzing temporal data (for example, traffic data, or data involving the movement of mobile phone users). She develops algorithms to more efficiently represent the knowledge found in raw data, and to analyze this data. Professor Zhang’s research collaborations include work with IBM on cloud computing and work with the Red Sea Research Center at KAUST on the behavior of sea animals and on tracking plastic debris in seawater. She publishes in top journals such as IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering and Journal of Very Large Data Bases as well as in proceedings of top conferences such as KDD and AAAI. Xiangliang is also noted as a popular teacher who is very effective at combining both theory and practice in her courses.