Lu Yu and Uchenna Akujuobi Successfully Completed Their PhDs in MINE Lab

MINE Lab Ph.D. graduates 2020, Uchenna Akujuobi (left) and Lu Yu (right).

​MINE Lab has recently graduated two PhDs: Lu Yu and Uchenna Akujuobi. 
Lu completed his Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Exploring Entity Relationship in Pairwise Ranking: Adaptive Sampler and Beyond”. During his Ph.D. study at MINE Lab, Lu published papers at KDD (1 paper),  AAAI (2 papers), ICDM (1 paper),  WWW (2 papers), IJCAI (2 papers), SDM (1 paper), and BigData (1 paper). Lu will join Ant Group (an affiliate company of the Chinese Alibaba Group) as a Senior Algorithm Engineer. 

Uche’s Ph.D. dissertation is entitled “Learning from Scholarly Attributed Graphs for Scientific Discovery”.  During his Ph.D. study at MINE Lab, Uche published papers at NeurIPS (1 paper),  TKDE (1 papers), ICDM (2 papers),  WSDM (1 paper), and BigData (1 paper).  Uche has joined  Sony AI in Tokyo, Japan as a research scientist. ​

Last year,  Basmah Altaf completed her thesis entitled "A Study of Fairness and Information Heterogeneity in Recommendation Systems", and is currently working as an ML researcher and practitioner, Huawei, Montreal, Canada.

​So far, MINE lab has graduated 6 PhDs. Congratulations to all of them!