​Yanqing Jia joined the Photonics laboratory of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in December 2022. She obtained Ph. D. in microelectronics from Xidian University in June 2022. Since 2017, She was engaged in the research of wide-bandgap semiconductor materials and devices. Her current research focus on the ultra-wide-bandgap semiconductor and integration application. 

Research Interests

  • ​Nanomaterials
  • Photonics and optoelectronics
  • Large bandgap group-III nitride

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

1.     Jia, Yanqing; Ning, J.*; Zhang, J.*; Yan, C.; Wang, B.; Zhang, Y.; Zhu, J.; Shen, X.; Dong, J.; Wang, D.; Hao Y. Transferable GaN Enabled by Selective Nucleation of AlN on Graphene for High‐Brightness Violet Light‐Emitting Diodes. Adv. Opt. Mater. 8, 1901632. (2020)

2.     Jia, Yanqing; Ning, J.*; Zhang, J.*; Wang, B.; Yan, C.; Zeng Y.; Wu H.; Zhang, Y.; Shen, X.; Zhang C.; Guo H.; Wang, D.; Hao Y. High-Quality Transferred GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes through Oxygen-Assisted Plasma Patterning of Graphene ACS. Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13, 32442–32449. (2021)

3.     Jia, Yanqing; Guo H.; Ning, J.*; Zhang, J.*; Wang, D.; Wang, B.; Wu H.; Shen X.; Zhang C.; Hao Y. Flexible high-stability self-variable-voltage monolithic integrated system achieved by high-brightness LED for information transmission. Small 2105207 (2021) [Cover paper]

4.     Jia, Yanqing; Wu H.; Zhao J.; Guo H.; Zeng Y.; Wang, B.; Zhang C.; Zhang, Y.; Ning, J.*; Zhang, J.*; Zhang, T.*; Wang, D.; Hao Y. Growth mechanism on graphene-regulated high-quality epitaxy of flexible AlN film. CrystEngComm 23,42, 7406-7411. (2021)

5.     Ning, J.*, #; Yan, C. #; Jia, Yanqing#; Wang, B.; Zeng, Y.; Zhang, J.; Wang, D.; Hao, Y. GaN Films Deposited on Sapphire Substrates Sputter-Coated with AlN Followed by Monolayer Graphene for Solid-State Lighting. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 3, 5061-5069. (2020) [#: contributed equally to this work] [Cover paper]

6.     Wu H.; Ning, J.*; Jia, Yanqing; Yan, C.; Zeng Y.; Guo H.; Zhao J.; Wang Y.; Zhang, J.; Wang, D.; Hao Y. Van der Waals Self-Assembled Silica-Nanosphere/Graphene Buffer Layer for High-Quality Gallium Nitride Growth. Cryst. Growth Des.21,10, 5848-5853. (2021)

Conference Proceedings

1.     Oral presentation, The 4th International Conference on Two-Dimensional Materials and Technologies, Dec. 2018, Melbourne, Australia.

2.     Oral presentation, The 22nd National Semiconductor Physics Conference, Jul. 2019, Hangzhou, China.

3.     Oral presentation, The 5th International Conference on 2D Materials and Technology, Oct. 2019, Suzhou, China.

4.     Oral presentation, The 8th International Symposium on Growth of Ш-Nitrides, May. 2020, San Diego, USA.

5.     Oral presentation, The 16th National MOCVD Academic Conference, Aug. 2020, Huangshan, China.


Education Profile

  • ​​2017-2022: Ph.D. of engineering, Xidian University, China 
  • 2013-2017: B.S of science, Yanshan University, China