The Photonics Laboratory aims at delivering compact and energy saving integrated laser-diode based devices and solutions for applications requiring light spanning the ultraviolet to the visible and near-infrared regime. A plethora of practical laser-based solutions are conceived, and proof-of-concept models built for data collection and testing of a new class of innovative multi-function optoelectronic devices and optical fiber systems.

The research into laser device physics and group III-V nanostructures for future applications further enable practical solutions to be applied to the current issues related to energy, water and food. The laboratory has thus far embarked upon and realized innovative solutions and patent portfolios on: (1) oil-well/downhole and date-palms optical fiber sensing, (2) underwater laser-based network, (3) laser solid-state lighting and Li-Fi, (4) broadband optical telecommunication lasers, and (5) laser-based indoor horticulture.

In-house sub-systems' design and test, laser-diode and optoelectronics know-how, molecular beam epitaxy growth capability and advanced fabrication techniques further fueled the innovative and creative activities within the laboratory, and collaboration within KAUST and with KACST and in-kingdom university as well as with recent partners (the Office of Naval Research Global, ARAMCO and Huawei).