Coupled Animal and Artificial Sensing for Sustainable Ecosystems (CAASE)

Abstract: There is an opportunity to develop a new generation of advanced sensors mounted on marine animals that will deliver data both on the ecology of the animal and on an expanded suite of environmental conditions relevant to marine ecosystem health and the management of resources in the Red Sea. This project aims to develop a revolutionary approach to animal-borne sensing technology that will be coupled with evolving artificial platforms to observe and monitor the marine environment and its inhabitants in a ground-breaking manner. They will capitalize on millions of years of evolution of sensory perception and reaction by animals in the marine environment, using breakthroughs in sensor and tag technology, to transform the way the Red Sea is observed, understood and ultimately managed.

Technology: Fusion in animal-based sensorial systems and artificial observing systems to track animal status and ecology monitor, and assess marine environments and ocean health.

Significance: Deployment of environment-friendly, built-for-purpose wearable (flexible, stretchable) marine sensors that integrate well across artificial sensor platforms and data management systems enabling increased observation and diagnostic capacities for the marine ecosystem.

Impact: Advancement of sensor science to monitor and assess marine life status and manage ocean ecosystem's health supporting the blue economy.

Investigator Roles
Project coordination and leadership, sensor specifications, tagging program, and data analysis

Burton Jones


Artificial platforms, artificial and animal platforms interaction, assisted animal sensor location and recovery, data integration

Environmental Sensor, Data Management, Power Supply, System Integration
Environmental Sensor, Data Management, Power Supply

Mark Meekan


Animal tagging, condition and behavior assessment, trajectory interpretation, animal behavior

Víctor M. Eguíluz


Trajectory analysis and interpretation, collective properties, sensor networks

Mani Srivastava


Sensing system and network integration and optimization

Michael Strano


Molecular detection of marine biochemical signatures and in-vivo near infrared sensing tattoo technology for measuring animal pH

Tasks Packaging, Energy Harvesting, Electronics

Rory Wilson


Consumption sensors, body condition sensors and animal ‘state’ sensors, animal tagging, condition and behavior assessment, trajectory
interpretation, animal behavior

Otto S. Wolfbeis



Consultant, sensor development and optical sensing technology


Publications: 25

Conferences: 8
Patent Disclosures: 8
Patent Granted: 0
Licenses: 0
Start-Up: 0
Other Notable Outputs/Impacts: Scientific research carried out at Oceanographic in Valencia, Spain, and covered by Spanish national media and National Geographic (February 2018).