Perpetual Wireless Sensor Networks for Large Scale Wide Area Monitoring

Abstract: Wide area environmental monitoring is currently carried out with expensive and energy hungry remote sensing devices (satellites, radar, etc…) which offer low spatial resolution. As such there is a need for low-cost wide-range sensing devices that can be deployed in large numbers on a continuous or on-demand basis in order to obtain cheap and very high resolution monitoring. In addition, self-sustainable energy harvesting is a critical issue to be solved for these deployed sensor nodes since they will operate in a wide variety of environments.

Investigator Roles
Design and simulation of distributed sensing and decision making algorithms
Distributed decision strategies in severely constrained communications and processing environments
Design and performance evaluation of RF energy-harvesting and wireless communication between sensing nodes
Development of location-aware communication systems
Design and fabrication of new batteries with low leakage current

Michael Strano


Nanosensor integration to the multi-source energy harvesting sensor nodes



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Other Notable Outputs/Impacts: Received Best Scientific Contribution Award at the International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, 4th place at the 2017 Microsoft Localization Competition. Best Paper Award.