Self-Powered Platforms for Personalized Health Monitoring

Abstract: This project aims to develop a multi-component self-powered sensor system and demonstrate its viability using new types of sensors for personalized health monitoring. The project will involve parallel development in four key areas: energy harvesting, energy storage, electronic design, and active sensing element development. In addition to developing and optimizing each one of these system components, the team propose to carry out system integration activities in two domains: microfabrication and electronic design.

Technology: Create a multi-component self-powered sensor system for personalized health monitoring and demonstrate its usability with three novel sensors.

Significance: The development of the proposed platform will involve parallel advancements in four key areas: energy harvesting, energy storage, electronic design, and active sensing element development. Additionally, the diverse platform can be used with sensors that go beyond health monitoring.

Impact: A unified and self-contained sensor platform that can be used in different aspects of personalized health monitoring and is adaptable to many types of sensors. Three different devices based on the proposed platform that can provide potential impact in personalized health monitoring which currently does not exist.

Investigator Roles
Integrated energy storage device development
Electronic design and energy harvesting implantable sensors
Clinical biosensor development, biosensors using enzymes and DNA, biological receptors and immunosensors; interface chemistry, s
Development of sensitive bio sensor technologies and bioanalytical systems based on nanomaterials
harvesting mechanical energy from environment and biological systems for powering mobile sensors
Contact lens based sensor design and development
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Other Notable Outputs/Impacts: Husam Alshareef was elected IEEE Distinguished Speaker in Nanotechnology, elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018 and won the KAUST 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award. Jr-Hau He was recently elected as an SPIE Fellow for his achievements in solar cells, photodetectors and semiconductor optics research.